Scott & Erica

{Who} We are most commonly known as Daddy and Mommy to our four amazing kids, our beagle-lab mix, and our flock of chickens. Yes, we absolutely love having fresh eggs from happy chickens! Scott has an unnatural infatuation with all things chocolate and peanut butter while Erica is a homemade spaghetti sauce connoisseur. We graduated with Architecture and Graphic Design degrees which we feel greatly affect our individual style and approach to photography. We love finding authentic smiles, laughs, and tears of joy.

{Thanks} We love where we came from, are extremely grateful to be where we are, and are anxiously awaiting what comes next. We can't even begin to thank everyone who has helped us along the way. Our long list of babysitters, family and friends for supporting us, all of our amazing clients for trusting us, and most importantly, God for giving us the talent and drive to do what it is that we enjoy. We have truly been blessed!

{Wedding Style} Scott is our lead wedding photographer while Erica is our lead portrait photographer. Though Scott pretty much takes care of all things wedding, Erica still plays a vital role in the wedding day festivities. Our wedding style isn't one thing or another. It is a balanced blend of classic portraits, modern style, and a bit of photo-journalistic story telling. Our goal is to capture the emotion of your day in order to tell your wedding story.

{Active} We do our best at each and every wedding to provide our brides with an album full of special moments that they both experienced and never noticed. Our favorite compliments come from wedding guests that tell us how great a job we are doing even though they haven't seen a single picture we have taken. We are not obnoxious and in your face, we are active.

We would love to hear all about your amazing wedding plans.
Scott + Erica